The Link Between A2 Beta Casein Protein And Neuro Disorders

From time immemorial mankind has been glorifying the benefits of milk. The cow juice is known to have wondrous nutritional benefits that acts as a whole food for babies and children and an important nutrition to have for adults as well. From protein to calcium, it is known to be fortified by important nutritional ingredients which help to strengthen the body, especially the bones and joints and is a mini meal by itself. However, many people are known to be unable to digest cow juice due to which they often stay deprived from the useful nutrients of the same. Some continue to drink the cow juice as it is found in most popular food and beverage items like cakes, shakes, coffee and other food products.

Stomach pain

Many people are known to have stomach pain if they consume cow juice. While some kids and adults suffer from digestive problems from time to time, others are known to show an intolerance to cow juice in a consistent manner. Today there is a marked differentiation between A1 and A2 cow juice due to which a2 milk autism and other conditions are being studied with the effects of different protein juice on the neural paths of children and adults. 

Adverse effects

Those who are unable to digest the A1 enriched cow juice are unable to break down the same into the individual amino acids which are then absorbed by the body. There are certain protein fragments called Beta-casomorphin-7 that are formed in this case. These protein fragments are known to cross over the barrier between blood and the brain and have negative effects on the brain due to which a2 milk autism correlation or findings are significant.

When cow juice is not digested properly

Those who have poor digestive health are often unable to digest cow juice and the protein fragments that are released from the undigested cow juice are known to have a narcotic influence on the opiod receptors found in the brain.

Check for health issues linked to cow juice

As cow juice is an important part of the diet of most humans, it is imperative that one remains attentive to any gastro problems that are being experienced after consumption of cow juice. This needs to be especially noted in children. If there is consistent intolerance to lactose then one needs to find other substitutes which will provide the nutritional benefits without generating health problems. There are many nutrition articles and studies that have been conducted on A1 and A2 cow juice which needs to be referred in order to understand the differences and to make the switch for the betterment of health for these individuals.

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